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Got a camera … join the Club!

December 17, 2014

Do you want to find out if SLPS is for you? Come along to one of our Thursday evening meetings at CADWA L16 1JP,  8pm to 10 pm (see MEETINGS page for details/map).

Just turn up at 7.45  or,  better still,  contact Angelica to let her know you are coming. (No need to bring anything with you.)

Picture of the Week

December 16, 2014

This weeks picture is Maldwyn Jones’s  Winning Print from the 2014 Alec Balmer Monochrome Competition.

It is titled “Nose Dive”

Nose Dive by Mal Jones

Nose Dive by Mal Jones

The Christmas Bash

December 15, 2014

Such a good evening at our Christmas party. Lots of fun and games, much laughter and frivolity. But all saddened by the very unexpected passing of Eddie Brighouse earlier in the week. A top guy who will be missed greatly. His funeral is n Christmas Eve, 10.30 am at Springwood, Allerton,

Tim Jones ran a Mastermind quality quiz on famous photographers, my brain is still hurting and our team came last. How did that happen? We had Muriel and KT Allen on our team. The simple answer was that KT realised there was a booby prize for last place as well as a prize for the winners. So she cam up with the plan to answer the questions wrongly. No points – last place and a prize. She is far too clever and cunning.
Thanks to our wonderful setting up crew, our DJ, our sommelier, our entertainments team, our sound engineers, lighting team, everyone who came along and to Viv for letting us over run a little past our agreed time. Thanks Viv.
To all the members who couldn’t make it, we wish you all the best for the Christmas holidays, irrespective of your beliefs. Enjoy your time with family and friends, be kind and be happy.


#WaterfrontReflections Photo Competition

December 14, 2014

For all you ‘Instagramers’ out there, here is a Liverpool themed competition.

Alec Balmer Monochrome Print Competition – December 2014

December 13, 2014

There was a magnificent entry of 125 prints for this very prestigious competition.

John Riley ARPS judging the prints. (Photo by Irene Drummond)

John Riley ARPS judging the prints.
(Photo by Irene Drummond)

Our judge,  John Riley ARPS,  was impressed with both the quality of prints and also their presentation. There were in all 30 award winners, but the overall winner was “Nose Dive” by Mal Jones (pictured right).   Mal also took third place with Sean O’Brien (left) looking happy enough to come second!



Monthly Competition Results – League tables

November 24, 2014

For the results to date please click HERE

Last Developers Group of 2014

This afternoon (Sunday 07/12/14) saw the last Developers Group of 2014. The group was well attended, and it was more of a general scope, rather than a subject specific afternoon.

The hall was to be in a sectional layout, with Ken D & Irene D on ‘Mounting Prints’ for SLPS Competitions… in one corner, followed by Mike L in another corner, giving help with ‘Lightroom & Picture Perfect’… Paddy G was in another corner of the hall delivering one of his specials… ‘Photoshop & Printing’ and by no means least…. Our President Paul M, helping members resize their images for our SLPS Competition nights, and also giving help on all things PS, showing a little of how KT Allen gets to her finished results on blending techniques… Tony M was also in the hall as a representative of the RPS, and was on hand to offer members new and old (thinking of Paul M at this point) for general photographic help.

It was a really good afternoon, and all the members who attended got a lot out of the session. A BIG thank you as usual to Joan for her great organisational skills for putting on such a structured event as this, and another BIG thanks for all those mentioned for giving up their time and expertise to make the group the success that it always is… for it is exactly this sort of commitment, from members, which makes the SLPS one of the best Photographic Societies around…

Comments from members include;

And a big  thank you for all of your hard work this year Joan. Cheers Paul Moore X

Really sociable, informative and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon! Barbara Green

Thank you Mal for a fine assessment of a very informative and enjoyable afternoon. A huge thank you to Paddy, Ken, Mike, Tony and of course our President Paul for their generosity in passing on their knowledge to those of us who appreciate it.  Thanks to everybody who came along to our Christmas get together.  Cheers and Merry Christmas to all….Joan X

Table top Monthly Competition Winners

Our judge for the evening was Graham Currey, the president of South Manchester Camera Club and he did the club well. Excellently judged and critiqued and welcomed by all.

The winners were:

Inkjet Printing Masterclass

Marrutt, the inkjet paper specialists have produced a video on printing. It was a talk given to a camera club, but has been placed on the web. Well worth a visit:  www.marrutt.com/camera-club

Sunday’s Development Group

Sunday 23 November Development Group was very well attended for Chris Everett from Wilkinson Camera. Chris gave an excellent talk even though many of the strange music groups he photographs were unknown to his audience. Chris went on to talk of Photoshop and Light Room which was very helpful. Chris like a growing number of photographers has stopped using his Nikon DSLR and heavy lenses in favour of a Fuji system. His girlfriend Emma is pleased, as she had to help carry his DSLR gear to gigs.

A very big thank you to Chris and Emma and hope that we can get them back in the future.
Here are the pics, one taken when the group started singing Happy Birthday to Paul Moore. Priceless……

Dev Group photoHappy Birthday Paul Moore photo

Cheers Joan