What a great entry we had. Forty four panels in a mixture of colour prints, mono prints, mono dpi and colour dpi. The print panels consisted of four individually mounted different prints and the dpi panels of four images on one digital slide. The idea of the competition is to show four images that work together in terms of subject, colour and or tones and presentation.

Our judge for the evening was Jane Lines CPAGB LRPS. Every one appreciated her comment on the images and even if they didn’t get in the awards, they had good instruction for next years competition.

Now the Results….

The Colour Print Panel Winner was Ed Foy with ‘Tall Ships Figure Heads’.

The Mono Print Panel Winner was Paul Matthews with ‘Running for the Fun of It!’.

The Overall Print Panel Winner was Paul’s.

'Tall Ships Figure Heads' by Ed Foy, the best colour print panel

'Running for the fun of it!' by Paul Matthews, The Best mono print panel

The Colour DPI Panel Winner was Alan Shufflebotham with ‘On White’.

The Mono DPI Panel Winner was Sean O’Brien with ‘Birds in Profile”.

The Overall DPI Panel Winner was Alan’s Panel.

'On White' by Alan Shufflebotham, the best colour dpi panel and best overall dpi panel

'Birds in Profile' by Sean O'Brien,the best mono dpi panel

Here are all the images, not just the winning ones. Apologies for the odd formatting of the picture.