Our Judge for this, our biggest competition was Colin Douglas ARPS, AFIAP, DPAGB, BPE4*.

As usual a fantastic entry from our members. They range from the peacefulness of Still Life to the way out minds of the creative. It is also brilliant to see so many new members appearing in the awards lists, the more established will have to kick it up a gear to try to stay ahead!

The Main Award Winning Pictures will follow as soon as Practicable.

Entry TITLE Photographer AWARDS
Section 1 Colour Pictorial & Illustrative   (64 Prints)
1 Daffodils on Slate Noel George VHC
2 View To Dobardan Stuart Kerr LRPS
3 Springtime at Speke Hall Angelica Smith
4 Momento Mori Barbara Green VHC
5 Contre Jour Irene Drummond
6 Coconut Tree William McDonough
7 Broken Bones Alaster Burman
8 Artist Frank Cohen
9 Fly Past John Taylor
10 The Sundaes Denis Foy
11 Kites Brian Johnson
12 Selling On The Floating Market Tony Myers FRPS
13 Preparing For Take Off Martin Reece MBE ARPS
14 Anglican Cathedral Sean O’Brien THIRD
15 Divine Light Alan Jones SECOND
16 My Son’s Name John Thomson C
17 Laughter And Tears Mike McWade
18 As Time Goes By Patrick Green
19 Anteros Sefton Paek Tony Jones VHC
20 Sefton Park Kevin Kelly C
21 In to Deep Ian Kemp C
22 Lynn Gwynant Sunset Paul Matthews C
23 Roses Muriel Landy
24 Ruggeri Campo Di Fiori, Rome Kevin Johnston
25 Poppies in Copper Pot Noel George HC
26 Castle Stalker Stuart Kerr LRPS HC
27 Japanese Figurines Barbara Green FIRST
28 Remembering The Blitz Irene Drummond
29 Wreck William McDonough
30 Drifting Sands Alaster Burman
31 Reflections Frank Cohen
32 Sawing Timber Denis Foy
33 Jewel In The Crown Brian Johnson
34 Close Finish Tony Myers FRPS
35 Black 5 – 45321 – Sherwood Forester – ELR Martin Reece MBE ARPS
36 Fitzner Gamper Bridge Krakow Sean O’Brien
37 Diving Yak Alan Jones
38 Racers Lift John Thomson
39 Having Fun In Liverpool 1 Mike McWade
40 Maiden Moor Ian Rayner
41 Lakeland Brook Ian Rayner
42 Pigeon Post Patrick Green
43 Pizza Express, Big Wheel and Arena Tony Jones
44 Liverpool Catholic Cathedral Kevin Kelly
45 Lady In Red Ian Kemp
46 Work Or Pleasure Paul Matthews
47 Healthy Eating Muriel Landy
48 Colonnade, Vatican Kevin Johnston
49 Full Gallop Stuart Kerr LRPS
50 Unsteady Light Alaster Burman
51 The Kiss Frank Cohen
52 Simple Pleasures Denis Foy
53 Horse Wash Tony Myers FRPS
54 Reflections Albert Dock Sean O’Brien
55 Strike Up The Band Alan Jones C
56 Mt Blanc John Thomson
57 Lilly Pond Mike McWade C
58 Unity Building and Pig And Whistle Pub Tony Jones
59 Sunday Morning Stroll Stuart Kerr LRPS HC
60 Monks Sandals Tony Myers FRPS C
61 Graffiti Cropper Street Sean O’Brien
62 The Red Devils Alan Jones
63 Sligo Surfers John Thomson
64 View Across the Pond Princes Park Tony Jones
64a Dream Alaster Burman
Section 2 Mono Pictorial & Illustrative  (42 Prints)
65 Beauty of Livermore Noel George C
66 Dusk Moon Cottage Stuart Kerr LRPS FIRST
67 Brassed Off Thomas Jeffers
68 Ready For Loading Barbara Green
69 Looking Back In Time Irene Drummond
70 Starling William McDonough THIRD
71 Wet Market Frank Cohen
72 Splitting Roots For Firewood Denis Foy
73 Ready For The Breakers Yard Tony Myers FRPS C
74 Tornado Express Near Besston Castle Martin Reece MBE ARPS
75 Bridge Line Alan Jones
76 Essentials For Lambing Ed Foy
77 Black Linn Falls Mike McWade HC
78 Jetty Reflections Ian Rayner C
79 Riverfront Shadows Patrick Green
80 Are You Talking To Me ? Michelle Burrows
81 Beetham Plaza Tony Jones
82 Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Kevin Kelly VHC
83 Rhaedr Ogwen Paul Matthews HC
84 Orchid Muriel Landy C
85 Lost In Thought Kevin Johnston
86 Balance Noel George C
87 Evolving Waterfront Thomas Jeffers VHC
88 Eel Pie Island In The Mist Barbara Green
89 Pettycur Bay Irene Drummond SECOND
90 Get Weaving Frank Cohen
91 Historic Flypast Denis Foy
92 Out For A Paddle Tony Myers FRPS
93 Leonardo Alan Jones
94 Choir Practice Mike McWade C
95 Family Man Michelle Burrows
96 Little Parkfield Road Tony Jones
97 Wells Cathedral Kevin Kelly
98 Spitting Feathers Thomas Jeffers C
99 Penguins At Boulders Bay Barbara Green
100 QM2 at Liverpool Frank Cohen
101 Shannon Mike McWade
102 Christ Church Toxteth Tony Jones
104 Up The Rigging Frank Cohen
105 New Brighton From Crosby Beach Tony Jones
Section 3 Portrait & Figure Study  (Mixed)   (42 Prints)
106 Sister Act Noel George
107 Party Lights Stuart Kerr LRPS THIRD
108 Bars and Beauty Thomas Jeffers HC
109 Pensive Moment Barbara Green
110 The Youngest Wedding Guest Irene Drummond C
111 Fen Ling William McDonough HC
113 The Jazz Singer Denis Foy
114 Happy Days Brian Johnson
115 Strictly Dancing Tony Myers FRPS
116 Freddie Martin Reece MBE ARPS
117 Anusia Sean O’Brien
118 Thoughtful Alan Jones
119 Rifleman Mike McWade
120 The Sailor Patrick Green
121 Final Thoughts Kevin Kelly C
122 Pavement Artist Ian Kemp
123 What These Eyes Have Seen Paul Matthews
124 A Man Of Substance Muriel Landy
125 Laura Noel George
126 She’s Electric Thomas Jeffers HC
127 Gondolier Alaster Burman
128 Watching The World Go By Denis Foy
129 Sarah Brian Johnson
130 Watching Telly Tony Myers FRPS SECOND
(Also Best Mono Image from Sections 2,3&4 and Best Overall Mono Image)
131 Venice Carnival Figure Martin Reece MBE ARPS
132 Lost In The Moment Sean O’Brien FIRST
(Also Best Colour Image from Sections 1,3&4)
133 Smiler Alan Jones
134 Guto Ferrari Mike McWade
135 Dancer Kevin Kelly C
136 Just Do It Ian Kemp
137 Soul Singer Paul Matthews
138 Brian Muriel Landy
139 Clare Noel George VHC
140 Smiling Monk Denis Foy
141 Expressions Tony Myers FRPS C
142 Medieval Figure Martin Reece MBE ARPS C
143 Hat Man Alan Jones
144 Vernon Fuller Mike McWade
145 Lest We Forget Paul Matthews C
146 Laughter From Telling An Irish Joke Muriel Landy
147 The Painter Denis Foy
148 Mother & Son Muriel Landy
Section 4 Record & Architecture  (Mixed)   (29 Prints)
149 Door Detail, Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Rome Noel George
150 WC (Lady Lever Gallery) Irene Drummond
151 Fisher Man William McDonough
152 From Another Time Alaster Burman
153 Liverpool 1 Denis Foy HC
154 Georgian House – Chester Tony Myers FRPS
155 Scherzligen Church – 1463 – Thun – Martin Reece MBE ARPS
156 Bridge Anglican Cathedral Sean O’Brien
157 Frieze Detail Meeting Place St Pancras Ed Foy
158 Castle Howard Mike McWade SECOND
159 Cast Iron Drain Pipe, Our Shed, Methlick Tony Jones C
160 Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Kevin Kelly C
161 British Museum Ian Kemp THIRD
162 Number 4 St Pauls Square Paul Matthews VHC
163 Metropolitan Cathedral Holy Oils Cabinet Muriel Landy
164 Trojan’s Collumn, Rome Kevin Johnston
165 Rainbow Warriors Noel George FIRST
(Best Mono Record & Architecture Image)
166 Peter Pan Statue Irene Drummond
167 Bank’sy William McDonough
168 Lincoln’s Knave Alaster Burman
169 Banksy Walker Art Gallery Sean O’Brien
170 Odeon Cinema Escalator Ian Kemp
171 Liverpool 1 Shopping Mall Muriel Landy
172 Pews Alaster Burman
173 Lloyds Building Ian Kemp VHC
(Also Best Colour Record & Architecture Image)
174 Museum of Liverpool Life Staircase Muriel Landy
175 Symmetry Alaster Burman
176 Museum of Liverpool Ian Kemp C
176a Lady Chapel – Liverpool Cathedral Kevin Kelly
Section 5 Natural History   (Mixed)  (19 Prints)
177 Garden Spider Noel George VHC
178 Coal Tit (Parus Ater) FIRST
(Best Colour Natural History Image)
179 Carboniferous Sandstone Irene Drummond
180 Heron in Sefton Park John Taylor
181 Chamelion Denis Foy
182 Great Grey Owl Brian Johnson
183 Alpine Chough Martin Reece MBE ARPS
184 Female Kestrel and Giant Hogweed Tony Jones C
185 Yellow Darter Kevin Kelly
186 Mating Avocets Paul Matthews SECOND
(Also Best Mono Natural History Image)
187 Common Blue Butterfly Muriel Landy
188 Feral Manderin Duck Displaying THIRD
(Aix Galericulata)
189 Egret Perched On A Water Buffalo Denis Foy
190 Rutting Deer Brian Johnson
191 Grey Heron Martin Reece MBE ARPS C
192 La Cockney Sparrow, Paris Tony Jones C
193 Shag Head Kevin Kelly HC
194 Corn Flower (Centaurea Cyanus) Paul Matthews
195 Painted Lady Butterfly Muriel Landy
Section 6 Creative & Avant Garde  (Mixed)    (37 Images)
196 Tuesday Afternoon On The Beach At Antibes Noel George
197 Red Sail Stuart Kerr LRPS
198 Sweet Peas Irene Drummond
199 “Oh Truck” William McDonough
200 Steam Frank Cohen
201 Help Brian Johnson
202 Walk On The Pier Tony Myers FRPS C
203 Scary Duo Martin Reece MBE ARPS C
204 Book Of The Boat Museum Sean O’Brien C
205 Kylemore Reflections John Thomson
206 C My Pictures Dancers Patrick Green C
207 Dancers Michelle Burrows
208 Crosby’s Spaceship Tony Jones
209 Arachnomancia Kevin Kelly THIRD
210 Art & Soul Ian Kemp C
211 Tulip Paul Matthews HC
212 Poppyswirls Noel George
213 What A Tonic Stuart Kerr LRPS HC
214 Poppies Irene Drummond
215 Sunset Frank Cohen
216 What Yew Chewin Brian Johnson
217 Lennon The Music Man Tony Myers FRPS
218 Carnival Splash Martin Reece MBE ARPS
219 Handstand Michelle Burrows
220 Vodka Splash Kevin Kelly VHC
221 Stairway Ian Kemp
222 In The Storm Paul Matthews
223 Nice Strike Stuart Kerr LRPS SECOND
224 Blue Haze Irene Drummond
225 Yellow Brick Rose Brian Johnson
226 Venetian Warrior Martin Reece MBE ARPS
227 Dissolve Michelle Burrows
228 Dyson  With Danger Ian Kemp FIRST
(Also Best Overall Colour Print & Best Print in Competition)
229 Reflections Paul Matthews VHC
(Also Best Mono Creative Image)
230 Legs Eleven Brian Johnson
231 Orange And Blue Michelle Burrows
232 Sky TV Ian Kemp
That’s all folks. for now