Interview with Pam Clarke

Cathedral - Pam Clarke

Cathedral – Pam Clarke

Date: Monday 30th January 2006
Location: Pam Clarke’s house
Writen by Tony Myers FRPS

Pam has enjoyed taking photographs for as long a she can remember, having been encouraged by her father, David Clarke, who was a keen photographer himself.

During the eighties Pam studied O Level and A Level photography at Hugh Baird College, and attended numerous photography workshops run by Derek Massey and John McDonald at the Open Eye.

Her first SLR camera was a Nikon FE which she bought with her first proper pay packet in 1983, and which was stolen 15 years later in a house burglary. Its replacement is a Bronica SQB – a manual, medium-format camera, with 120 and 35mm backs. Pam also uses a Gossen Lunasix 3 light meter and a Sunpack flash unit. She carries these in Lowepro bags. She also has a Manfrotto tripod.

She has had her own darkroom since 1984. She shoots most of her monochrome work on Ilford Delta Pro 100 and prints the negatives on Ilford multigrade (usually resin-coated) papers. Her colour work is produced on Fuji transparency film (Sensia 100 and Astia 100).

Pam’s primary passion is monochrome portraiture (using available light). She is currently working on a number of assignments for friends and acquaintances, and is ‘progressing’ from people to poodles and ponies. Her favourite photographers include Dorothea Lange, Edward Steichen and Edward Weston.

Daughter - Pam Clarke

Daughter – Pam Clarke

Man with Bars - Pam Clarke

Man with bars – Pam Clarke

Pam first joined South Liverpool Photographic Society (SLPS) in 1987, having been introduced to the club by former member David Rawcliffe. Her involvement in the club was re-kindled in the late nineties when she moved from Wallasey Amateur Photographic Society (another friendly club where she learnt a great deal). Before long Pam was playing an active part in the SLPS, serving on the committee and regularly entering competitions.

Baby in Bath - Pam Clarke

Baby in bath – Pam Clarke

Pam Clarke with Trophy

Pam Clark with trophy

The proportion of female members has steadily risen. (When Pam rejoined the club there were only two!) Pam would like to see an increase in the diversity of the membership, reflecting South Liverpool’s community in respect of gender, ethnicity, age, culture and identity. She values the club for the opportunity to: learn more about photographic techniques; obtain critical feedback on her work; and meet other people who are passionate about photography.
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