People’s choice winner

Visitors to the club’s Annual Exhibition at Liverpool Cathedral this summer were asked to vote for their favourite image to see who agreed with the judge’s choices!

The votes have been counted and the winner is…..

Puffin Pair Bonding by Christine Lowe

puffin pair


Our thanks to Tim Evans for once more counting the votes and providing this analysis –

 The  winners of the individual print vote are as follows

1  Christine Lowe – Puffin Pair Bonding

2  Sarah Bevan – Street Cat ‘Yowler’

3  Alan Cargill  – Twister

4  John Thompson  – Evening Race, Windermere

5  Amy Ashley-Mather  – Pink


If we look at the total number of votes for all their prints, the 5 winners are

1  Sarah Bevan

2  Christine Lowe

3  Paul Hamilton

4  Amy Ashley-Mather

5  John Taylor


Some interesting facts

The 6 women entrants garnered 170 votes (= 28.3 each) whereas the 16 men collected 234 (=14.6 each)

As last year, with the exception of the Puffin Pair Bonding, very few of the winning shots did well in the public estimation.

Someone also wrote “Every one of them.  What a delight to see.  Thank you all – x.”