SLPS to star in “Britain’s First Photo Album” – BBC Two Daytime Spring 2012

Article and pics by Irene Drummond (including pics from BBC.)

Only four minutes of fame for a morning’s work will certainly be well worth it,  as we have had the  most  amazingly  interesting  and enjoyable  experience  filming around Liverpool with  John Sergeant  on October 2nd!

John Sergeant is to present Britain’s First Photo Album a 10×30-minute series on the extraordinary achievement of Francis Frith, the pioneer Victorian photographer who embarked upon a colossal project to photograph as much of the United Kingdom as possible during the second half of the 19th century.

Photo L to R – Tony Myers FRPS, Ted Baker FRPS, John Riley ARPS, Martin Reece MBE ARPS. Waiting for the crew to arrive and wondering what the day had in store for us.

Frith was a founding member of the Liverpool  Photographic  Association in 1853, so acknowledging the local connection,  former presidents of the South Liverpool Photographic Society were invited to critique a selection of Frith’s images of Liverpool and to discuss how the association has developed.

From Lto R, Colin Thwaite, Martin Reece, Irene Drummond, Ted Baker and John Sergeant


Checking the Photos

A Photo Challenge

We had certainly not anticipated a photo challenge and were sent out in the rain with an open brief and only 15 minutes to get there and back with a picture ready to print!

Anxiously uploading our images – no editing allowed!    John chose the best image BUT if YOU want to find out who won, then you will have to wait until next spring and watch “Britain’s First Photo Album”!

Martin was thanked for all his efforts, for time spent with the producer beforehand and for bringing along such an interesting (though uruly at times) group of members of the South Liverpool Photographic Society.

Martin Reece and John Sergeant

Each programme will feature two locations, so this Liverpool shoot will get about 5 minutes at most….if we are lucky.

John Riley ARPS, Ted Baker FRPS, Tony Myers FRPS., John Sergeant and Colin Thwaite.