2011 Alec Balmer Monochrome Results

Alec Balmer 2011 Awards

Position and Title

1st Place

Mike McWade                                                ‘Black Linn Falls’

2nd Place

Noel George                                                    ‘Balance’

3rd Place

Jeff O’Dowd                                                    ‘Wishful Thinking’

Very Highly Commended

Mike McWade                                                ‘Choir Practise’

Tony Myers                                                     ‘Focussed’

Tony Myers                                                     ‘Neck and Neck’

Ian Kemp                                                         ‘Lloyds Building’

Noel George                                                    ‘Beauty of Livermore’

Highly Commended

Jeff O’Dowd                                                     ‘Just the Legs’

Jeff O’Dowd                                                      ‘High Kicks’

Tony Myers                                                     ‘Thai Boat Lady’

Martin Reece                                                  ‘Freddie Queen Tribute’

Martin Reece                                                  ‘Framed’

Thomas Jeffers                                               ‘Bars and Beauty’

Ian Kemp                                                          ‘Magic’

Irene Drummond                                         ‘Looking back in Time’


Noel George                                                     ‘Rainbow Warriors’

Irene Drummond                                          ‘Delamere’

Paul Matthews                                                ‘London Eye View’

Martin Reece                                                   ‘Alpine Adventure’

Ian Kemp                                                          ‘British Museum’