A Guide and Rules for the SLPS Panel Competition 2017

A Guide to the SLPS Panel Competition 2017

This is a unique competition whereby members are invited to enter 4 images on a theme of their choosing. Well that is the easy part, when considering the images to use in a panel there are many other factors to consider when making a successful panel.

  1. All four images must connect to each other by the chosen theme, although you should try to ensure that each image is significantly different. The theme may convey a story to the viewer or be self-explanatory. That said it would be helpful to give your panel a title.
  1. The panel must be made up of 4 Individual printed and mounted images. These should be on 30 cm x 25 cm mounts. This does not mean one image cut in to four, nor does it mean 4 images printed on to one piece of paper and mounted. I mention this only because we have had the previous examples entered in the past which do not comply to the rules.

So a successful panel, the four images should blend together as if when viewed they were one harmonious image.

Where possible the tonal range and colours of each image should be in harmony and consistent in each of the four images. To convey this in a manner which is easier to understand any image which is fundamentally different in colour will stand out in the panel. Such an example would be that if 3 images all worked together in tone and colour and the fourth image had completely different colours, this would stand out in such a way that the panel would not blend together.

There should be continuity in the way that each image is presented, that is they should all be mounted the same and in respect PDI panels they should be presented in the same way.

You should decide on the best layout for your images to be viewed, this is your choice and will enhance your panel if you get it right. Where possible with images of people it is always best for these images to look in to the panel.  Panels can be 4 images in one line or any combination using two rows

This competition is for both Prints and PDI and within each of these two sections there is a colour and monochrome section. It should be pointed out that for those creative workers there are advantages to using your skills in the PDI sections where the 4 images can be created in different shapes etc. For example 4 images made up like a jigsaw. This is where you can use your creativity to your advantage.


Panel Competition Rules


Prints Panels will be 4 separately mounted prints any size but with a mount size of 30cm x 25cm 


Information required on the back of each panel print  

Membership number only, not your name.

Title and image number

Indicate by means of a diagram the position of each image as they are to be displayed within the panel

All digital panel files must include in the file name, membership number and panel title as entered on the entry form

Any images previously entered into a FAB4 Competition are not eligible. The same image cannot be used. in subsequent panels 

Each panel entry must be accompanied by a digital file of the complete panel (not individual Images) size 1600 x 1200 pixels @72dpi

All panels must be accompanied by a completed entry form and the digital file 


Digital File of Panels

Each panel is required as a digital file.   The panel file should be 1600 x 1200 pixels @72dpi, please note a vertical panel should be no larger than 1050 pixels high @72dpi. Name your files; MEMBER NUMBER space SECTION NUMBER space TITLE

The digital file must be of the complete panel and not the individual component images

If you are unsure of the rules, please seek clarification before completing your entry form.