Panel Competition Guide and Rules

A Guide to the SLPS Panel Competition

This is a unique competition whereby members are invited to enter any or all of the 4 sections (Colour Print, Monochrome Print, Colour Digital and Monochrome Digital) and may put 2 entries into each section, i.e a maximum of 8 entries in total. The images are on a theme of your choosing.  Well that is the easy part, when considering the images to use in a panel there are many other factors to consider when making a successful panel.

  1. All the images must connect to each other by the chosen theme, although you should try to ensure that each image is significantly different. The theme may convey a story to the viewer or be self-explanatory.
  2. A print panel must be made up of  THREE  images.  It should be on a single 50 cm x 40 cm mount. This can mean three images mounted in separate windows or stuck on areas on the mount, or  3 images printed on to one piece of paper and mounted, flush or windowed. 

So in a successful panel, the three images should blend together as if when viewed they were one harmonious image.

You should decide on the best layout for your images to be viewed, this is your choice and will enhance your panel if you get it right. Where possible with images of people it is always best for these images to look in to the centre of the panel.  Panels can be 3 images in one line or any combination using two or three rows

It should be pointed out that for those creative workers there are advantages to using your skills in the PDI sections where the 3 images can be created in different shapes etc. For example 3 images made up like a jigsaw.

Panel Competition Rules


Prints Panels will be 3 images of any size less than 50 cm x 40 cm, but with a mount size of 50 cm x 40 cm 

On the back of the print include your Membership Number, Print Number and Image Title in the top left hand corner on the reverse of your print. This enables the print to be displayed the right way up.. Do not put your name on the print.

Any images previously entered into a FAB4 or Panel Competition are not eligible. The same image cannot be used in subsequent panels, i.e. changing from Colour to Mono or Print to PDI

All panels must be accompanied by a completed entry form and the digital file and sent to with the subject being SLPS Panel Competition Member Number and Member Name.

Each panel is required as a digital file.   The panel file should be 1600 x 1200 pixels and in the sRGB colour space, please note a vertical  panel should be no larger than 1200 pixels high and in the sRGB colour space. Name your files as per the entry form.

The naming protocol for your digital files is: Member Number space Section Number space Title  e.g. 99 1 Red Balloons

The digital file must be of the complete panel and not the individual component images

If you are unsure of the rules, please seek clarification before completing your entry form.

Click HERE to download the entry form for the Panel Competition