General Club Competition Rules


1. All images and elements of images submitted in club Competitions must:-

  • Originate in camera
  • Be solely the work of the author.
  • Be in copyright ownership of the author.

2. Prints and Digital Images used in club competitions may be

  • Produced from film or digital files.
  • Home or trade processed.
  • Subject to manipulation deemed appropriate by the author, with the exception of any image in the Natural History and Record & Architecture sections in the Annual Competition


  • (a) No image may be used more than once in the same named club competition (annual pdi and print competitions are treated as the same named competition for this purpose)
  • (b) An image that has been entered in the Annual Print or PDI Competition will not be eligible for any other subsequent  competition.
  • (c) An image that is similar as to be almost identical to one already used in a competition will be considered the same image even if the medium is changed and will therefore be disqualified. This includes, for example, changing an image from colour to mono.
  • (d) Each competition has specific entry requirements and rules, please refer to the website for details.


  • (a) Entry to all club competitions will be anonymous, workers should only write their SLPS membership number on all entries.
  • (b) All competition entries must be accompanied by the appropriate entry form.
    Entries will not be accepted if the entry form issued by SLPS is not used.
  • (c) All competition entry forms will be available for download from our website here.

5.  Only fully paid up members may enter club competitions

6. The committee reserves the right to accept or reject the work of an entrant, or to re-designate it to another section.

7. Every care will be taken of entries, but no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage.

8. For each competition a judge or panel will be appointed by the committee. The decision of any judge or panel will be final in any matter relating to the competitions.

(a) Original negatives, slides or digital files must be made available to the committee on request. The Society shall have the right to reproduce or  exhibit, without fee, and to retain for use in publications, external competitions and on the internet,  images entered into competitions, unless an objection is lodged in writing at the time of entry.

9. Holders of annual trophies should return any trophy in a cleaned condition to the Competition Secretary one month prior to the relevant competition

Submission of prints, slides and digital files signifies acceptance of the above rules

Please note monthly entries are usually handed in two weeks before the competition date, and entries are not allowed on the night. Other Competitions are as per the published dates in the syllabus or an announcement on a club evening or by email.  All prints should be mounted, titled and meet the stated subject. The subject is for you to interpret as you so desire. It is the image that is being judged and not the title, even though the title should support the image content. An image should not be made to fit the subject by the title alone.

** The Competition Secretary has the authority to remove any image deemed not to comply with these rules **