Alec Balmer Competition Rules

The Alec Balmer Competition is an annual print competition for monochrome images which must have been taken within the last TWO years prior to the hand-in date. Refer to the sidebar syllabus for competition dates.

A maximum of six printed images per member

On the back of the print include your Membership Number, Print Number and Image Title in the top left hand corner on the reverse of your print. This enables the print to be displayed the right way up.. Do not put your name on the print.

Guide to preparing entries

MOUNT SIZE: 50cm x 40cm only

PRINT SIZE: 50cm x 40cm maximum

Mount and Print Size
















A digital file of your image should be emailed to

The image size should be 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high. If one dimension is too big then reduce it to bring it into line with these dimensions. The actual size of your image might not be 1600 x 1200 exactly when you have resized it, but if it is a landscape make it 1600 pixels wide, the height should then be 1200 pixels or less.  If your image is in portrait format make it 1200 pixels high, and your width should then be less than 16oo pixels. If it is a square format make your image 1200 pixels x 1200 pixels. Please submit the image file in sRGB at 72 DPI.

PDI File naming for this Alec Balmer competition is as follows :-

member number space image title

e.g.  34  The Shard

Remember the width should be 1600 pixels maximum and the height should be 1200 pixels maximum

Please complete an entry form with your images titles

See here for a resizing guide

** The Competition Secretary has the right to remove any image that does not to comply with these rules **