Rules – Monthly Competitions from September 2015

New Rules

2015-16 Monthly Competitions

Which include the following changes.

We now have four sections. Colour Prints Mono Prints Colour DPI Mono DPI

Members may enter one image in each section.

This years scoring system has changed in that All 5 monthly scores will count towards the Photographer of the Year award in each discipline

Please note entries are handed in at the latest, one-week before the competition judging date, and entries are not allowed on the judging night.

DPI (Digitally Projected Images) entries, and DPI copies of your Print entries should be submitted with a maximum pixel size of 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high with a resolution of 72 dpi with a sRGB colour space for projection, by email to, or on a CD/DVD if you don’t have internet access.

Print Mount Size Must be 30cm x 25cm Prints: Any size up to a maximum 30cm x 25cm

DIGITAL IMAGE SIZE: 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high at 72 dpi. No side should be longer than these numbers but can be shorter, as in the case of the portrait format.

If your image is 1400 pixels wide but less than 1050 pixels high, don’t try to make it 1050 pixels high, as this will distort your image. Conversely, if your image is 1050 pixels high and less than 1400 pixels wide don’t try to make it 1400 pixels wide.

Prints must show

Competitition Title, Membership Number, Section and Image Title (the same as your entry form) in the top left hand corner on the reverse of your print. This enables the print to be displayed the right way up.

Make sure that if you are using a backing board to a windowed mount that you make sure it is securely affixed.

To enable the efficient processing of images for our monthly competitions it is essential that all digital files be named correctly, so that the entrant’s details are contained within the file name. They should also be jpg images.

The information required to be used is as follows;

As we shall be using a new computer program for the monthly competitions please name your digital images as follows;

My Name_Picture Title_CP.jpg

Where the first half is the name of the entrant and the second half is the title of the image, the CP would mean Colour Print section, MP would be Mono Print section, DC would be Digital Colour section & DM would mean Digital Mono section. The underscore signs are used as separators and .jpg comes at the end.

Examples. Tom Jones_Millenium Wheel_CP.jpg John Dow_Media City_MP.jpg Alan Smith_River View_DC.jpg

Tom Brown_Mountain_View_DM.jpg

It is important to use upper and lower case text as examples used above to name image files.

If you are unsure or having difficulties please ask for guidance.


Please note that the general competitions apply as published in our Syllabus Booklet and posted on the club website.