Shutdown Competition No. 2 – Gallery

May 7th 2020 –  “Indoor Photography” judged by Sarah Bevan SLPS member

21 entries from 7 members

Derek Gould_Big Blue Fly_DC (1)

First Place – “Big Blue Fly” by Derek Gould


Second Place - "Lamp Light" by Maldwyn Holmes

Second Place – “Lamp Light” by Maldwyn Jones


Arching their necks

Third Place – “Arching their Necks” by Barbara Green


"Worn Out" by Simon Rahilly

“Worn Out” by Simon Rahilly


" Weighing-up" by Barbara Green

” Weighing-up” by Barbara Green


"Utensils" by Alan Cargill

“Utensils” by Alan Cargill


"Trio of Elephants" by Ann Roberts

“Trio of Elephants” by Ann Roberts


"This Little Piggy went to Market" by Simon Rahilly

“This Little Piggy went to Market” by Simon Rahilly


"The Workroom" by Alan Cargill

“The Workroom” by Alan Cargill


"The Production Line" by Simon Rahilly

“The Production Line” by Simon Rahilly


"The Dressing Table" by Alan Cargill

“The Dressing Table” by Alan Cargill


"Sweet Peas" by Ann Roberts

“Sweet Peas” by Ann Roberts


"Strung out at Lockdown" by Peter Tormey

“Strung out at Lockdown” by Peter Tormey


"Stacked Still Life" by Derek Gould

“Stacked Still Life” by Derek Gould


"Spring Brightness" by Barbara Green

“Spring Brightness” by Barbara Green


"No Barbecues" by Derek Gould

“No Barbecues” by Derek Gould


"Light Rays" by Maldwyn Jones

“Light Rays” by Maldwyn Jones


"Indoor Cruising" by Ann Roberts

“Indoor Cruising” by Ann Roberts


"Flowery Wallpaper" by Derek Gould

“Flowery Wallpaper” by Derek Gould


"Early Morning Light and Shade" by Simon Rahilly

“Early Morning Light and Shade” by Simon Rahilly


"Afternoon Tea" by Ann Roberts

“Afternoon Tea” by Ann Roberts