Some of the models and scenes here in Venice.


News travels fast, I noted the comments on the website. Lovely morning yesterday out at 7am nice and clear with the sun rising, cold and a need to keep your fingers warm. Lots of good pictures you would be in your element here.

This morning colder and a little overcast until the sun broke through lots more good pictures and different characters. Fingers frozen even though I have gloves on. Adrian and his wife in the thick of everything.

9am and back at the hotel to warm up and have breakfast

Have a good day



Well alarm goes at 6.30 and it’s still dark outside although it is just starting to get lighter. My hotel is situated next to the famous Fenice Opera House you may recall a number of years ago it burnt down. So then  it is a quick exit from my hotel with all my gear. That EOS 7D with 70/200 lens + 580 speedlite and EOS 40D with 15/30 lens and spare batteries and memory cards etc. It is about a 5 minute walk to St Marks Square and the waterfront where all the action takes place. The sun is starting to come up and it is going to be a gorgeous day. At times you have to be forceful to get your pictures sharpen your elbows as it can be like a scrum. You have to be careful that you do not trip over discarded tripods’ camera bags or photographers prostrate on the floor (Adrian Lines). The key to good images is the background sort this and you should not have a problem. With the lenses I am using I am able to get in very close or do wide angle shots. The flash acts as a fill in.

Well the light was excellent so I am hoping for some good images at one point you became aware of a presence and it was a large cruise liner sailing by heading towards cruise terminal in Venice. Well after a good mornings work it is now nearing 9am and the photographers all head for breakfast as the tourists start to arrive. So I am putting this together over breakfast and I will add a selection of images later. Breakfast is buffet style with a great choice and also scrambled Egg and Bacon so you can be assured of a good start to the day

Tiring work this photography so will have a rest until about 1130 and then I will go for a wonder

Your Man In Venice reporting for SLPS News



Well today is my last day so I am having my breakfast before leaving for the Airport about midday.
I was out early this morning it has been getting steadily busier as we lead up to the weekend. The background has the sounds of firing  camera shutters, falling lens caps and lens hoods and also the wining of flash units recharging. It always amazes me when people bring tripods and just leave them for people to trip over. It also amazes me the number of people who come with full lighting setups.

The weather again has been very good and overall over the last 5 days it has been excellent. The feet and legs are sore after all the walking so will need to catch up on my rest when I get home. I fly back to East Mids Airport and pick up my car from the hotel I stayed at the night before my flight. So hopefully with a 2 hour drive I should be home for 7.

I have attached a few images from this morning

So it is goodbye from Venice