Don’t miss L&CPU Exhibition in Birkenhead – Part 1 on until 28th July.

On our doorstep, this is a “must see” exhibition as it showcases the very best of club photography!  Please note that due to space, the exhibition changes on July 28 th when  the remaining 81 prints will be displayed until the end of August.  Visit twice!

The Williamson Art Gallery & Museum
Slatey Road, Birkenhead, CH43 4UE.
Refreshments available in the Gallery, car parking.
The exhibition will be hung in two consecutive parts 69 prints in the first and 81 in the second. A catalogue of each section will be available here so that authors know when their prints are on view. The exhibition will go on until the end of August.
Catalogue (Part 1):The 69 prints hung first are now listed HERE. They are on display 29th June – 28th July.