Open Eye Gallery: Peter Fraser: A City In The Mind July 9th 2015

Open Eye Gallery: Peter Fraser: A City In The Mind

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£5-3 / Booking required

Fraser talks about the conception and production of A City in the Mind, and his planned projects in the coming years. In conversation with photography academic and expert Mark Durden.

“Photography is one of the most alchemical of the arts. Beginning with the world as it is, photography can transforms even the most mundane details into something beautiful, strange or perplexing. More often than not it can also fall flat. As Winogrand stated, “there is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described.” Peter Fraser has always been a poet of the quotidian and overlooked. A pioneer of color photography in the UK, his work celebrates and extols the mysterious facts of the world. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s hugely influential book Invisible Cities (1972), Peter Fraser’s latest book A City in the Mind is a witty and poetic exploration of the real and imagined London that Fraser calls home.” –  Review by Adam Bell for Photoeye, 2012

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