Tall Ships Regatta – end of August 2012

A fleet of Tall Ships will sail into Liverpool at the end of August as the city plays host to the inaugural Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta.

From Wednesday 29 August, around 14 Tall Ships will arrive in majestic style on the waterfront, having departed from Dublin three days earlier.

To celebrate their arrival in the city, a series of events will take place, starting on Friday 31 August when the crews of the Tall Ships will take to the streets in a colourful and vibrant parade, before being presented with the race and port prizes.

During the weekend of 1 and 2 September the Tall Ships will be berthed at the Albert Dock and there will be street theatre, music and arts and crafts stalls.  The vessels will be open to the public during the weekend, before taking part in a parade of sail on the Sunday which will take place from around 10.30am.