Audio Visual Competition Aug 28th

Tonight’s Society meeting (the last of the summer season 28/08/14) saw the hotly contested Audio Visual Competition.

The Competition Judge, Mr Melvin Nicholson (a professional landscape photographer) from the Preston Area, gave an overview on the marking criteria he had used, in particular, mentioning that it was important to choose the right piece of music, to match the images being shown.  Melvin also commented that he personally liked an image with little or no border, on a black background, as he felt that this gave the most impact to the show itself.  Also he liked the A.V. to have a structured storyline, with a recognisable start, finish and end.

First & Third prize went to Martin Reece (past President)
Second Prize went to Muriel Landy… (this was Muriel’s first ever entry into the Society’s A.V. competition, and the Judge, in his own judging criteria, commented that the difference between 1st & 2nd place was a mere half mark).

Well done to all who entered, and next years A.V. will no doubt be even BIGGER and better, hitting new standards in what is already a high standard competition.

Read the whole illustrated article by Mal Holmes on Facebook here