Damian McGillicuddy Tutorial

Article by Paul Matthews

What a brilliant afternoon we had at McGillicuddy & Associates in Widnes. The home of Damian, the Big Dog, who is in the top league of world photographers and his wife Lesley, who keeps him in check, and is also one of the finest printers in Europe, and a world wide ambassador for Permajet. What a team they are!
We had a brilliant model in their son Hayden who was very patient with us all shoving cameras and lights in his face. Afterwards Damian show us how he would process the image in lightroom. Lots of questions were asked and expertly answered and we were well watered and even had mince pies to boot. A fantastic day out, which was sponsored by Olympus, and Damian is their Principal Photographer and Educator and also their European Visionary.
If you get the opportunity to join one of his courses you will be amazed at how much you will learn and also have a fun time.