Last Day in Venice, Boo Hoo.

Well today is my last day so I am having my breakfast before leaving for the Airport about midday. I was out early this morning it has been getting steadily busier as we lead up to the weekend. The background has the sounds of firing  camera shutters, falling lens caps and lens hoods and also the wining of flash units recharging. It always amazes me when people bring tripods and just leave them for people to trip over. It also amazes me the number of people who come with full lighting setups.  The weather again has been very good and overall over the last 5 days it has been excellent. The feet and legs are sore after all the walking so will need to catch up on my rest when I get home. I fly back to East Mids Airport and pick up my car from the hotel I stayed at the night before my flight. So hopefully with a 2 hour drive I should be home for 7.  I have attached a few images from this morning  So it is goodbye from Venice.


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This morning there was an absence of Adrian, I presume he must have had a good night last night with to much falling down juice. Or is this Adrian ?