Last Developers Group of 2014

This afternoon (Sunday 07/12/14) saw the last Developers Group of 2014. The group was well attended, and it was more of a general scope, rather than a subject specific afternoon.

The hall was to be in a sectional layout, with Ken D & Irene D on ‘Mounting Prints’ for SLPS Competitions… in one corner, followed by Mike L in another corner, giving help with ‘Lightroom & Picture Perfect’… Paddy G was in another corner of the hall delivering one of his specials… ‘Photoshop & Printing’ and by no means least…. Our President Paul M, helping members resize their images for our SLPS Competition nights, and also giving help on all things PS, showing a little of how KT Allen gets to her finished results on blending techniques… Tony M was also in the hall as a representative of the RPS, and was on hand to offer members new and old (thinking of Paul M at this point) for general photographic help.

It was a really good afternoon, and all the members who attended got a lot out of the session. A BIG thank you as usual to Joan for her great organisational skills for putting on such a structured event as this, and another BIG thanks for all those mentioned for giving up their time and expertise to make the group the success that it always is… for it is exactly this sort of commitment, from members, which makes the SLPS one of the best Photographic Societies around…

Comments from members include;

And a big  thank you for all of your hard work this year Joan. Cheers Paul Moore X

Really sociable, informative and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon! Barbara Green

Thank you Mal for a fine assessment of a very informative and enjoyable afternoon. A huge thank you to Paddy, Ken, Mike, Tony and of course our President Paul for their generosity in passing on their knowledge to those of us who appreciate it.  Thanks to everybody who came along to our Christmas get together.  Cheers and Merry Christmas to all….Joan X