Members Night 23rd April 2015

A programme in two parts.
First up will be Sean O’Brien to tackle that annual problem for many of  how to show 4 separate images in the form of a panel. Both in print and PDI format. Some of our previous prize winners of our Fab 4 competition will bring along examples for members to view and no doubt answer your questions..
View some 2013 Fab Four entries here
Second part of the evening will be Dave Harding, a previous member of our club who just could not stay away. Dave has  re-joined, started winning competitions and will share some of his early work with us.
Dave’s session is entitled “Monthly Memories”. It will be a PDI presentation and prints will be displayed for members to see his work close up.
So come along and see what other members have been up to.
Bert Whittlestone (Syllabus Sec)