Monthly Competitions


We are delighted to announce the winners of our Monthly Competition League!   Full results tables can be viewed here.

Colour Print –  Barbara Green

Mono Print –  Sean O’Brien

Digital –  Alan Shufflebotham

Thank you to all who have entered over the past months.  We have enjoyed seeing a wide variety of styles and techniques and have been inpired to get out there and put what we have learned into practice!  Congratulations to Bill on mastering the new software and ensuring the smooth running of our results evenings.

A message from our Competition Secretary…     “This year new members have been encouraged to take part in the club’s monthly competitions, this has given them confidence to show their images alongside the more experienced members of the club.  The result being, more members [old and new] have entered this year’s monthly competition.  Members need to be aware of some revised rules when entering the competition such as,mount sizing – all mounts must be  30cm x25cm.

I have always enjoyed managing the monthly competition, past and present, therefore if the club wishes for me to continue next season, I shall be more than happy to do so.”    William McDonough.