North Cheshire Print and PDI Knockout Challenge 2014

Hi folks,

The time has come for another reminder that we are calling for members entries for the competition. If you have any great prints or PDI’s (projected digital images) that you would like to have entered, then please pass them onto the committee by the 23rd of January. We do need Five entries in each competition otherwise we will lose a chance to win. It is an Open themed competition. PDI’s are of the 1400 pixel x 1050 pixel sRGB standard and the prints must be mounted on boards no greater than 20 inches by 16 inches.

The rules for the Print competition are HERE

The rules for the PDI competition are HERE

Please don not be shy, and do have a go at putting some images in. It’s good for you and it’s good for the club.

If you have any questions, or doubts please let us know, so we can help.