Sunday’s Development Group – Noel George’s Tabletop Photography

‘What a wonderful Development Group Meeting we had today!!! Noel George did us proud. He set up 6 tables with an assortment of ideas for table top photography including some of his award winning “setups”. We all now know how to balance an egg on the edge of a cocktail glass…….this was the bonus of the day so look out for these in future monthly comps. Noel was very generous with his knowledge and equipment. We had an excellent turnout despite Liverpool playing Manchester United and our lovely spring weather. Thank you Noel for a memorable session I am sure we all learned a great deal.’
Cheers Joan

Once again Noel George made a great job of his ‘Camera Craft’ lecture, demonstration and practical workshop on the demanding art of ‘Tabletop Photography”.

Alix Watson

Alix Watson

His contribution differed greatly from his last workshop a year ago, with loads of new techniques to further enhance our members knowledge base on the subject, from still life, choosing the best background to suit the shooting objects, an excellent demonstration on the use of polarizing filters, cans and glasses to produce strange psychedelic patterns and effects, to a simple rig which all members could make at home to give great results for photographing water droplets.

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It was good to see members interacting with each other to offer tips and expertise on how to produce better photography results on the whole, with advice on tripods, flash and general techniques.

Once again, a big thank you to all members who attended to make the Developers Group the success that it is…. for Joan’s organisation of the event and her ‘refreshments’… and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Noel for giving us all such a fabulous day !!!

Article and photos by Mal Holmes

The Development Groups are the ideal forum for members to get some hands on experience with their own equipment and learn about different aspects of photography. So if you haven’t been, give it a try.  Details here .