Wowser! That Was One Superb Club Night!!!

Last night our precooked guest speaker could unfortunately not attend. So in the ensuing madness that goes with trying to find a replacement of note, a call was made to Austin Thomas, yes The Austin Thomas. With less than five hours notice Austin came along and gave one of the best nights this club has had in recent years. He showed us his journey along his photographic path, year by year, showing how he had made advances in technique, composition, field craft, et al. Pictures ranged from small British garden birds, Galápagos iguanas to African elephants, by way of leopards, tigers, seals, eagles and ospreys to name a few. Oh, and the odd landscape as well to show his versatility.

Austin was so open, and very willingly answered questions from members on anything that they wanted to know, and to their satisfaction as well.

So for all you who didn’t come along, for various reasons, you missed out on a wonderful evening!!