7th November – Luke Woodford, Sony Photographer plus hand-in for Alec Balmer mono print competition

Article by Mal Holmes


Tonight the Society welcomed a new name to the Northern Circuit… Luke Woodford.

Luke’s photographic story, was born out of depression and anxiety, and as part of his progression out of these down times, took up photography…. starting with a Nikon D300, but now working with one of the Sony range of camera’s. Also at tonight’s Society meeting, were Sony Reps, displaying the full array of Sony advanced amateur and professional cameras and lenses, for our members to evaluate. along with our local Wilkinson Store Reps, who will be happy to explain the range at a special event this weekend.

Luke’s photographic journey began around 11 years ago and he met his wife in Eastbourne, and they began a photographic partnership, which although they plan their shoots together, his wife Mandy has a pivotal role as the photographic model (but does some photography work of her own), and Luke takes his images.

Luke explained to the Society, that the early days of breaking through the difficult photographic barrier, from simply taking images… to being actually paid for his work, came through many, many emails, to eventually being picked up by a well known interior designer, who displays his personal imagery as part of the interior design for affluent customers. This has led Luke & Mandy, to progress into articles in notable magazines.

Luke showed us many of his image portfolio, which can be seen on their ‘Instagram’ page below


At this present time, the couple have moved across the Channel, and now live, and are based in France with their young son, this allows the couple to do photographic shoots in many of the abandoned Chateaus of the regions, to add a ‘grunge’ effect to many of his shots… It was good to see another young photographer, not tied down by the classic camera craft which many of our members learnt as young photographers… and this of course gives him a freedom for artistry with no confines… and it was good to see his more unusual concepts amongst his range of photographic topics on display…

It would be extremely interesting to catch up with Luke, in the future… just to see how his personal photographic journey has evolved. Click below for Luke & Mandy’s website.


Another interesting evenings showing from our SLPS ‘booking’ team.

Paul Matthews our President welcoming our guest speaker,Luke Woodford and members of theWilkinson Cameras and the Sony team.

Paul Matthews our President welcoming our guest speaker, Luke Woodford, staff of Wilkinson Cameras and the Sony team.

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