Sept 14th Andy Phillips: “Landscape Photography- Your Visual Signature”

Review a written by Mal Holmes

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Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips

Thursday 14/09/17

The membership welcomed a new presenter to the SLPS… Andy Philips.

Andy was as new to Lecturing, as he was to the membership, but once the initial nerves of the occasion had subsided, and when Andy, ditched the script, and told of his photographic journey and imagery, his delivery was a lot smoother, and subsequently his whole presentation became more interesting.

Andy explained that he was initially a rapid response paramedic, using a motorbike, but an accident of his own, caused him to take many months off recuperating. It was during this time, that Andy’s photographic journey began… entering more and more competitions, and evolving his camera craft, to embrace the technologies of the day.

Any has become that proficient at his chosen genre… this being Landscapes and Seascapes, that Paul Gallagher. and the Aspect 2i team have taken Andy, into their fold as a recognised Aspect 2 tutor.

Andy was telling the membership, about his future plans to venture into the genre of ‘time-lapse’… as we all know from other presenters…. an extremely difficult genre to master… but when executed well, provides some absolutely stunning imagery, which can be so different from the norm…

I for one will look with interest, at Andy’s work, as it evolves over the coming years, and look forward to a retelling of his images, with new twists to enthral us all…

Andy’s work can be viewed at his website…