April 20th Members’ Evening

Written by Mal Holmes

Thursday, 20/04/17…

This evening, we held one of the Society’s ever popular members nights with a showing from our past, AND current President, Martin Reece.

Martin, gave the Society a truly memorable showing from his early visits to Venice during an organised SLPS trip, and progressing to this current year, of which I was privileged, to join Martin this February for Carnivale 2017.

Despite a little trouble at the start with computer related issues, the evening began with Martin’s super imagery, and explanations, on how the shot was achieved,taking into consideration the differing light available at the time for each venue. Martin showed us images of his early morning ventures into St. Mark’s Square, before the day ‘tourists’ arrive, and many of his shots were pre-7:00.am (not a good time for an IR photographer like myself…) but hey… I did give it a go one morning lol.

Anyway… there are great shots to be had all day, and with Martin’s vast experience and knowledge, we managed to get to all the ‘right’ places, at all the ‘right’ times. It was so good to have an experienced guide, and he only cost me some eats and drinks from time to time… lol.

Half time, tea break was taken up with my own 60th Birthday Celebrations, with Cake, Biccies and extra raffle prizes to boot…

The second half of the evening, was a continuation of Martins superb Venice imagery, which the membership thoroughly enjoyed, and what a surprise, when Martin, at the end of the evening, presented me with a ‘special’ birthday pressie… one of Martin’s fantastic mounted and framed prints, of Venice’s 2017 Carnivale… A full study, of one of my own favourite mask models… stunning !!!

Many, many thanks to the SLPS membership for giving me such a great and memorable evening… for my 60th Birthday (I’ve even been sent in the post, my own free Mersytravel bus pass now to PROVE I’m officially ancient).