August 30th – Bill’s Battles

Article by Paul Hamilton
Bill’s Battles rounded off our Summer Season successfully last Thursday thanks to the participation of many of our members. A majority of our members contributed images – most of a very high standard. The four team captains, Alan, Tim, Ken and Sarah, performed their role admirably selecting a dozen images – many of a competition winning standard. Having been a team captain last year I know how arduous a task it is to select 12 images from those submitted. Finally the three judges, John, Ted and Mike, completed a fruitful evening with their succinct, positive and thought-provoking critiques and scoring of the images. I’m convinced we all benefited from their expertise.
The final marks were very close with Ken’s team on 140, Tim’s on 142, Sarah’s on 145 and Alan’s team taking the prize with 150. Well done to all who took part.

A small selection of memorable projected images  -hoping to add authors names when known.


Paul Hamilton and Paul Thompson keeping scores. Serious stuff!!!


“Ladybird Dining” by Phil Dudley

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