August 3rd Experimental Photography 2 – Double Exposure. Projecting members’ images. Please submit images by Aug 1st. Also looking at the work of Ken Dobson and Paddy Green.

Review by Martin Reece MBE ARPS

Experimental Photography

Well this week as part of the Experimental Photography Series the topic was images of double exposure orĀ  superimposed images. We must first thank Simon for again coordinating the evening as well as thanking all the members who submitted well over 50 images in total. Firstly we were privileged to see a small selection of monochrome portraits from Brian Glassmanfollowed by two very colourful creative images showing great technique. Thanks Brian for sharing these images with us.So on to tonight’s main theme Double Exposures well It is very pleasing that members embraced this theme which made for a very enjoyable first half of the evening. There were many varied types of images which hopefully will inspire others. We hope that some of these images will filter through in to our creative competitions.

In the second half we were honoured to have two long term members showing some of there work, Ken Dobson and Paddy Green. Firstly it was very rewarding to have Ken showing some of his work. A talented photographer that we have not seen a lot of work from. Well I think every would agree that the quality of Kens images were first class. Ken showed us ifigure studies taken from many of the festivals held in Liverpool with many images taken this year. Ken indicated that he had recently purchased a new zoom lens which enabled him to get in much closer. I am sure that everyone would agree that this has been a good buy and that Kens photography will go from strength to strength and success in our competitions.

So what can I say about Paddy that has not been said before, Paddy is quiet man whose images do the talking. As a great exponent in using the art of photoshop in a creative manner, sometimes in a very obvious way and in other ways very subtly. Many of his creations are masterpieces and have taken top honours in competitions and go down in SLPS folklore. As Paddy said himself some images failed to impress judges because they did not understand them or they could not see the amount of work that had gone in to producing an image. In one way that is a complement to his photoshop skills. Paddy showed so many excellent images which impressed the audience, many wishing they could produce such images.

So we must thank Brian, Ken, Paddy and everyone else who submitted images and contributed in making this such a great evening. Well done to everyone.

Brian Glassman

Brian Glassman

Ken and Paddy

Ken and Paddy


“Eye of the Tree” by Sarah Bevan

"The Tour on Ice" by Simon Rahilly

“The Tour on Ice” by Simon Rahilly


“Low Level Fly Past” by Derek Lang


“Civil War” by Bill McDonough


“Decaying Cottage” by Derek Gould


“Double Vision” by John Mines


“For the Bees under the Sea” by Barbara Green


“Sir Edward Conducts” by Tim Evans


“War torn” by Irene Drummond


“Ghost of the Past” by Paul Matthews


“Spirit of the Wild” by Brian Johnson


“Early and Late at Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Camphill” by Peter Tormey

"Ladies Front and Back" by Paul Thomson

“Ladies Front and Back” by Paul Thomson