Thursday 9 September on ZOOM – John Miskelly

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9th September 2021 –  JOHN MISKELLY

Capturing Time – Long Exposure Landscapes

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In this presentation, John Miskelly will demonstrate his approach to taking long exposure landscape images, where he captures a slice of time rather than the more common instant photographic moment. He will discuss the choice of location, time of day and season, through to his approach to composition, possibly the most important hallmark of his work. John often chooses to shoot in what many would consider challenging weather, which results in a soft muted palette of delicate tones, which are further developed in his use of the post production process. You will see a range of images, showing the initial concept right through to the final print, many of which became part of his successful Fellowship submission to the RPS in 2019.


Some info about John

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always taken photographs. It’s how I express myself creatively and it was this that led to my early career in the BBC. Many years later and I now spend my time as a professional landscape photographer, particularly loving to teach and share my passion with others, whether that be leading a workshop or speaking to groups of photographers in camera clubs and societies around the world.  As for my photographic influences? Well, I’ve long had a passion for the great outdoors, having taken part in adventure sports since my teens, and I’m also heavily influenced by the Japanese garden aesthetic. Putting them together results in the type of images you will see in my presentation.  In terms of industry recognition, I’m a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, a Canson Infinity International Ambassador and a LEE Filters Ambassador.