January 30th – An evening with Crosby Camera Club

This was the second leg of our new collaborative exercise with Crosby Camera Club- three of our members had been to Crosby a couple of weeks earlier to share with them some of our work. We were delighted to welcome 10 members of Crosby CC to ensure a full house for what was a relaxed and enjoyable evening looking at 80 prints that they had brought with them. Whilst June and Steve fronted the show and provided a brief introduction to each of the prints, others members chipped in to comment on their own work.

June and Steve

June and Steve

The prints on show were very varied in style and genre, and included prints from longstanding members as well as very new ones. All in all a very successful evening, and one on which we can build in terms of future collaborative events.

Crosby Camera Club Visit.

Crosby Camera Club visit to SLPS in CADWA