June 15th Our very own Ted Baker showing his stunning mono prints.


Review by Mal Holmes

Due to the cancellation, of tonight’s scheduled guest speaker, our own Society, elder statesman… Ted Baker, stepped into the breach at short notice, to deliver what turned out to be, a fantastic showing of his photographic journey of a lifetime.

Ted started the evening, with a selection of large A3 prints, illuminated on the Society’s light stand, taken as early as the 1950’s. showing scenes, and the people of Liverpool, in an era long gone. Although Ted passed off these images, as ‘snaps’ saying that they were relatively just ‘grab’ shots… it was pointed out by the membership, that these shots, added to, and enhanced the Social Record of the City and should be preserved as such.

After this early era showing, Ted produced a box of A3 early colour images, explaining that his and a society friend of the day, were some of the early pioneers, of personally produced ‘colour’ processed images. Although one could get professionally produced colour images of the time, it was quite rare to have a home colour darkroom set-up. His images of the day, were once again superb in composition and delivery.

Ted was aware, and stated that many members may have seen these images before, but in saying this, and knowing his plethora of stored images, Ted showed a large majority, which had not seen the light of day for many a year, much to the delight of the membership.

Ted finished the evening, with sets of RPS Panels, which had gained him his FRPS award. We have to remember, that all these panel images were analogue prints, and taken on the film and cameras of the day. Ted explained how he produced his jazz portrait shots, be exposing to the highlights, thus allowing the shadows, to under expose to black, and in the darkroom allowing shorter or longer chemical baths, to produce the image needed until the ‘wash’ was administered.

All in all…. a fantastic showing and explanation, from a well respected Society member…. Thanks Ted !!!