June 8th SLPS V Bebington Battle – Friendly Competition (at home) with our friends across the water. Judge , Alf Myers.

Article by Paul Matthews

What an exciting night that was. No,  not that  election ‘thingummyjig’, but our inter club competition.

Our judge for the evening was Alf Myers from Preston PS. Alf is one of the new judges to come out of the L&CPU training group.

The competition consisted of two sections, one for 20 prints (10 from each club) and one for PDI (10 from each club). The first half saw SLPS obtain a healthy lead over Bebington. Paul Matthews won the best print with his ‘The Empty Chair’ image, and we went into the tea and cake break very happy. Paul spread his winning box of choccies around for everyone who wanted one, or two.

After the break we had the PDI section and that was so close that there was no difference in the scores! Bob Dennis APAGB CPAGB AFIAP BPE4* from Bebington and Dave Harding CPAGB from SLPS both scored a 20 with their images, but the final vote and another box of chocolates went to Bob’s ‘Little Owl’ over Dave’s ‘Green bottle’.

So well done to all of us.

PS we have a big box of chocolates for Thursday with Ted Baker FRPS

photo 1

Paul Matthews' winning print.

Paul Matthews’ winning print.


Bob Dennis' winning image.

Bob Dennis’ winning PDI

In the end each club won a section but the overall was SLPS by a margin of 18 points. Below is our selection of pictures that we entered.  See links to scores here   –     SLPS V Bebington PDI 17               SLPS V Bebington Prints 17

Very many thanks to all SLPS members who submitted images for the consideration of the SLPS Selection Group!