March 9th Adrian McGarry, Pixel Painted Art

Review by Mal Holmes



Once again, our Syllabus Secretary, Simon Rahilly, had booked a phenomenal guest speaker, the renowned artistic photographer… Adrian McGarry.

17157790_10208750704592678_3345398092376777488_oAdrian’s work, shakes the very foundation, that many of us regard as the rock which our photography skills are based upon, and in doing so… pushes the boundaries of what we would regard as general structured photography craft.

Adrian’s, presentation was titled ‘Pixel Painted Art’ a skill honed, from the use of the long standing programme ‘Corel Painter’ but used in a way that challenges our very understanding and photographic concepts, making many of the membership ‘think outside the box’, as to how this style could be utilised in their own images.

By using a photographed digital image, Adrian, places atop of the image, a new opaque layer, and by the use of brushes within the ‘Painter’ programme, applies colours and effects to the layers, which produce outstanding canvasses, ready for the final printI have included a small selection of images of Adrian’s work (from his website), as exemplars to his art, Adrian has been awarded an ARPS on the strength of this unique style of photographic artwork… a worthy accolade !




You can view more of Adrian’s work by visiting the link below…

17264154_10208750703352647_4214480345923879212_n A super… nights viewing, from an equally super presentation and photographer. I know this will be a long talked about art-form, which will place traditional imagery against the new tools which are available to the the modern digital darkroom… where the sky and beyond is truly limitless !!!