A night out with the Boys!

Article written by Bert Whittlestone

Summer season night at South Liverpool on Thursday saw a total of 6 presentations by some of the Boys from the club.

We were treated to some fabulous images by, Mark Buckley, Tim Jones, Simon Rahilly, Denis Foy, Stephen Bailey and Maldwyn Jones.

We saw images in Mono and colour taken in improvised home studios using a variety of cameras.

Brilliant images from at least 12 different sports, with a sharpness that had to be seen to be believed.

One member’s improvement since joining the club was displayed showing what he had achieved by trying new things seen in the club.

In his words “playing about” which had brought about good results.

We were taken on a tour of India and Nepal with so many images of the life and the people of the country. A separate showing will be eagerly awaited to see more of Nepal.

We had an insight into photo Journalism with visits to a war zone and Riot situation. We saw the power of the still images in portraying suffering and harsh conditions of people elsewhere in our world.

The experience of trying to capture and share online a photo a day was explained. A passion for sheds was also revealed.

A great evening much learned, ideas exchanged and a large slice of humour.

Plus afterwards a pint from Ted who was 80 years young on Friday.

All this for £3.


(Editorial comment – Well Bert, the “girls” don’t need a special evening to show their talents as they are in evidence all year round, ha ha.  Just have a look at the results of the Annual Competition if you’re not convinced! )