An evening with the works of Chambre Hardman and Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, by Tony Myers FRPS

Another great night was enjoyed by members at the South Liverpool Summer syllabus night on 10 July.

Tony Myers FRPS. Presented a most interesting and informative talk on two of the pioneers of photography – Frank Meadow Sutcliffe and the region’s own Chambre Hardman.

Tony explained the research for the presentation was undertaken jointly with another of our members Bill McDonough. They had intended to take it on a National tour but only got as far as our neighbours in Kensington. The Nation’s loss was our gain.

The presentation gave an insight into the life and times of both men and a showing of some of their very early images.

In addition, Tony who acts as a guide in the home and studio of the late Chambre Hardman in 59 Rodney Street Liverpool, was able to present a real insight into his working life and family life. This was accompanied by a digital tour and recordings from people who worked for the great man. The building is now in the care of the National Trust and a living Museum, well worth a visit.

Well done Tony, and your silent partner Bill!!

Tony did mention there is always a need for volunteers at 59 Rodney Street.   So if you can spare a few hours a week, speak to Tony.

Article by Bert Whittlestone.