Feb 28th – Ashley Grove “Bird Photography”

See Ashley’s work and guided birding holidays here http://www.experiencenature.co.uk/enabout.php


Mike Lawson, friend and fellow birder wrote –

Yet another great night at SLPS Ashley Grove from Experience Nature gave a wonderful lecture on bird photography.  Ashley started with  evening with a brief overview of the photographic holidays organised by Ashley.  (see his web site for details. )

The main event was a photographic tour of the UK using British birds as our guide. We started in Scotland with the Eagles and progressed through the Uk region by region highlighting the birds that could be found in those areas.

The images displayed by Ashley were of the highest standard and highlighted the vast array of British Birds available to photograph. We finished the evening with a musical montage of some of the images taken by him.

What a  inspirational and  enjoyable evening.”


Peregrine Falcon – fastest bird in the world.