Jan 18th Phil McKay – Hand in for Monthly Comp , Time

Review written by Mal Homes

Thursday 18/01/18

Tonight’s Society meeting, welcomed a new speaker, not on the usual L&CPU circuit list, but the friend of one of our own members… Phil Mckay, is a local Liverpool based photographic artist, who has international success and recognition, appearing in many artistic and photographic galleries across Europe and further afield. Phil’s unique artistry appears on many book covers, and is picked up on a regular basis by well known publishing houses, both here and abroad.

Phil is primarily a composite worker, who uses photographic images to their full advantage, cutting out and blending them to produce, something special and extremely unusual which gives his work… that personal touch & look. Phil’s work is based on his life experiences and moods of the time of construction. Phil told the SLPS membership of the dark periods of his personal life, which definitely came to a recognisable platform, within a series of darker imagery from that time in his life, but in saying this, many of his images, where a lot lighter in their content and at times, really amusing to understand the thought process behind these lighter images, produced at happier times.

Phil showed the membership his workflow process, explaining in depth as he went along, and answering medium-complex questions from all those, who attended on the night, in order to show us, how he produces his final superb imagery… The feedback at the half-time break. and afterwards, was extremely positive from all those who attended…

Phil gave us a demonstration of Photoshop’s. 3D vector processing, which he uses in some of his imagery, to produce some stunning effects, and when rasterised to take back into his PS suite for further post processing, gives quite literally a new dimension to his already, fantastic work.

I’m sure the membership would wholeheartedly, agree with me, that tonight’s SLPS meeting, and subsequent local guest speaker… Phil Mckay, will be referred to, and remembered for quite some time to come… Phil asks that the membership, check out his website and Fb presence (Philip Mckay)… Nice one Phil !!!



Phil Mc Kay


Sweet Revenge


An image from a darker time


Another time another place

Another time another place