Nov 23rd Martin Reece “Iceland” Hand in for Monthly Comp – Maritime

imageArticle by Mal Holmes

Thursday 23/11/17

It always amazes me the amount of ‘home grown’ knowledge, we have throughout our own membership here in the South Liverpool Photographic Society. This not only comes to the fore, during question and answer sessions on members evenings, but also shows every time one of our members, delivers a presentation, as a scheduled Society night.

Tonight’s, showing was by our ever popular and superbly knowledgeable, Ex-President Martin Reece O.B.E. His showing was that of a recent trip, on one of Paul Gallagher’s (another favourite speaker to the SLPS) current workshops, to Iceland.

It must be said, that as Martin, went in February, when there was a scattering of snow to be found, as a monochromatic type of guy myself, his Black & White imagery was fantastic, and it was a nice touch, to show a colour shot, which faded into a processed B&W image to really unearth the quality and contrast of scene. With such interesting images to be viewed, the time seemed to simply fly away seeing his photographic journey around the Southern coast of this most intriguing of locations.

At the conclusion of Martin’s presentation, he delighted his audience with two A.V’s, the first was a superb showing of the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) set to the electronic music of Jean Michel Jarre… which worked really well… Martin’s second and final A.V. showing was on a trip up to the Kelpies of Falkirk, north of the border… another highly entertaining showing.

A great night by a firm favourite… who’s next I wonder???