Nov 9th – Alf Myers “A Year on the Street” – Hand in for Alec Balmer Competition

Taken from Alf’s Website –


“For years the world of IT has held captive my creative and artistic side, however with a camera in my hand I can explore and create.

Photography has always been around in my life, from the film days, to the early days of digital, to now and at each stage I’ve grown.

Urban, street and candid is where I started and grew up. However, it is the world of Street Photography that inspires me and helps to give a style to my portraits and weddings.

I love to capture the feelings people have and translate them into the images I produce. Taking time to get to know you as an individual or group, learning about what you want and then with camera, lights – we set to work. Followed by post processing your images are produced.

I’m a Preston based photographer but if you want to know more? Contact me. ”

See some of Alf’s work and personal projects on his website