October 3rd – Martin Reece MBE ARPS (member) “My Travel Photography from Landscapes to Cities”

Article and photos by Mal Holmes


Thursday 03/10/19

Hot on the heels, of one of our own member’s, finding his superb work on the front page of the prestigious RPS’s Travel Log Magazine…

Martin Reece MBE ARPS… had been booked by the Society, to present a ‘travel photography’ night for the members.

Martin (an ex-President of the Society), started with a look at the equipment he uses to capture his fantastic imagery, travelling with his back-pack, and reducing his load to 3 cameras… a full frame Canon DSLR…. a mirrorless Canon… and finally a 1″ sensor Sony…. coupled with this he takes only 3 detachable lenses… Carbon tripod, and a few related sundries. Martin went on to explain the importance of planning any photographic excursions thoroughly…using guidebooks, internet and local knowledge, as well as knowing your own camera setting inside out, in order to capture the ‘shot’ through known settings for a greater understanding of effects available to us.

Half Time... the members take a look at Martin's printed images, and seek advice, on all things photographic 'travel'.

Half Time… the members take a look at Martin’s printed images, and seek advice, on all things photographic ‘travel’.

The night progressed with a showing of general travel shots, including AVI’s on his travels to Iceland, Canada and the US to name but a few… on both organised photography trips, with others, and his own lone travels, to get that ‘certain’ shot, which would enthral and amaze…

We then entered a series dedicated to Barcelona… and the specific buildings, designs and architecture of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926)… and his use of colour and curves… and I for one.. will be putting Barcelona on my own tick list, re-tracing Martin’s footsteps with my own meagre equipment to get my own take and effects on his images….


The final part of the night, was to be a magnificent ‘take’ on New York. Although Martin, had, in some of his previous images shown us ‘takes’ in the US… this part was to look directly at the scenes and architecture N.Y. had to offer us with its wonderful straight lines and more unusual aspects…

Finding the right spots to get the New York skyline into a great perspective

Finding the right spots to get the New York skyline into a great perspective

The Society’s 2 hour slot… flew by and Martin had to forego, his planned 4th part of the evening, showing the ‘Bears’ of the US & Canada… perhaps one for a future members night ???

The Society showed a HUGE appreciation for Martin and his wonderful Travel Presentation… and we will no doubt wait with anticipation for future showings…. where will he venture next ?