Shutdown Competition No 3 Gallery June 4th 2020

Shutdown Competition 3  Gallery  – May 2020  “Taken within 3o minutes from home”

Judged by Derek Gould SLPS member

51 images from 16 members


First Place "Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon" by Barbara Green

First Place “Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon” by Barbara Green


Amy Ashley-MatherSquirrel

Second Place “Squirrel” by Amy Ashley-Mather


"Inter Spieces Health Care"

Third Place “Inter Species Health Care” by Paul M Matthews


"Bubbles" by Amy Ashley-Mather

“Bubbles” by Amy Ashley-Mather


Amy Ashley-Mather Wood pigeon

“Wood Pigeon” by Amy Ashley-Mather



AmyAshley-Mather Dandelion

“Dandelion” by Amy Ashley-Mather


Locked out for lockdown

“Locked out for Lockdown” by Barbara Green


Permitted exercise

“Permitted Exercise” by Barbara Green


Topiary hideout

Topiary Hideout” by Barbara Green



allerton cemetery

“Allerton Cemetery” by Bill McDonough


allerton church 2

“Allerton Church” by Bill McDonough


calderstone park

“Calderstones Park” by Bill McDonough


Dave Worthington; Croxteth Hall

“Croxteth Hall” by Dave Worthington


Dave Worthington; Eros

“Eros” by Dave Worthington


Dave Worthington; Stick in the mud

“Stick in the Mud” by Dave Worthington


EdFoy Early Morning Runner

“Early Morning Runner” by Ed Foy


EdFoyEntrance to Knolle Park

“Entrance to Knolle Park” by Ed Foy


EdFoyMelly Drinking Fountain

“Melly Drinking Fountain” by Ed Foy


EdFoyStrawberry Fields Gates

“Strawberry Field Gates” by Ed Foy


Irene Drummond Gnome Schooling

“Gnome Schooling” by Irene Drummond


"Frosty Car" John Thomson

“Frosty Car” John Thomson


"Calderstones Geese" John Thomson

“Calderstones Geese” John Thomson


"My Garden" John Thomson

“My Garden” John Thomson


"Old Swan" John Thomson

“Old Swan” John Thomson


"The Secret Garden" Marie McGonigal

“The Secret Garden” Marie McGonigal


Marie McGonigal

Marie McGonigal


"Poppy {1}" Marie McGonigal

“Poppy (1)” Marie McGonigal


MarieMcG Poppy (2)

Marie McGonigal


"Garden Fritillary" Martin Reece ARPS

“Garden Fritillary” Martin Reece ARPS


"Gardener at Work" Martin Reece ARPS

“Gardener at Work” Martin Reece ARPS


"Loopline Walk" Martin Reece ARPS

“Loopline Walk” Martin Reece ARPS


"Pampas Grass" Martin Reece ARPS

“Pampas Grass” Martin Reece ARPS


"Alium" Paul Hamilton

“Alium” Paul Hamilton


"Socially Distanced" Paul Hamilton

“Socially Distanced” Paul Hamilton


"Ballet of the Ferries" Phil Longfoot

“Ballet of the Ferries” Phil Longfoot


"Buckets" Phil Longfoot

“Buckets” Phil Longfoot


"Heron" Phil Longfoot

“Heron” Phil Longfoot


"Peony" Phil Longfoot

“Peony” Phil Longfoot


"Coot in Dabbled Water"

“Coot in Dabbled Water” Sarah Bevan


"Gosling in the Grass"

“Gosling in the Grass” Sarah Bevan


"Looking at You"

“Looking at You” Sarah Bevan


"Merci NHS"

“Merci NHS” Sarah Bevan

AnnRoberts Welcome-2

“Welcome (2)” Ann Roberts


"What an Entrance" Ann Roberts

“What an Entrance” Ann Roberts

AnnRoberts Wisteria

“Wisteria” Ann Roberts


"Branching Out" Ann Roberts

“Branching Out” Ann Roberts


"At the Mouth of the Mersey" by Simon Rahilly FRPS

“At the Mouth of the Mersey” by Simon Rahilly FRPS


"Back to Work" by Simon Rahilly LRPS

“Back to Work” by Simon Rahilly LRPS


"Peony" by Simon Rahilly LRPS

“Peony” by Simon Rahilly LRPS


"Until Next Year" by Simon Rahilly LRPS

“Until Next Year” by Simon Rahilly LRPS


"Bee in the Rhodanthemum" by Tony Myers FRPS

“Bee in the Rhodanthemum” by Tony Myers FRPS