The Christmas Bash

Such a good evening at our Christmas party. Lots of fun and games, much laughter and frivolity. But all saddened by the very unexpected passing of Eddie Brighouse earlier in the week. A top guy who will be missed greatly. His funeral is n Christmas Eve, 10.30 am at Springwood, Allerton,

Tim Jones ran a Mastermind quality quiz on famous photographers, my brain is still hurting and our team came last. How did that happen? We had Muriel and KT Allen on our team. The simple answer was that KT realised there was a booby prize for last place as well as a prizeĀ for the winners. So she cam up with the plan to answer the questions wrongly. No points – last place and a prize. She is far too clever and cunning.
Thanks to our wonderful setting up crew, our DJ, our sommelier, our entertainments team, our sound engineers, lighting team, everyone who came along and to Viv for letting us over run a little past our agreed time. Thanks Viv.
To all the members who couldn’t make it, we wish you all the best for the Christmas holidays, irrespective of your beliefs. Enjoy your time with family and friends, be kind and be happy.