The Matterhorn and a Photographers Diary.

Article written by Bert Whittlestone

Another excellent summer syllabus meeting at CADWA  last night.

We were treated to a presentation from our very own Vice President Martin Reece entitled “ Reaching New Heights”.

Matterhorn Piste

The first part of the evening transported us to the Alps and one of Martin’s passions, the Matterhorn and the surrounding features. Stunning prints were followed by an Audio Visual display. It covered the period from dawn to dusk on this iconic mountain. The range of colours and moods created by the changing light and shadows had to be seen to be believed. Nature does it so much better than Photoshop.

In the second half, we were treated to a look into Martin’s Photographer’s diary. This included a wide variety of events attended and photo opportunities grasped in 2014. It included images on a wide variety of subjects other than those which are Martin’s trademark.   A trip to Fairford Air Tattoo, The Urban Art of Liverpool, Mersey River Festival, visit of the Giants, Elton John, Status Quo, a Waterfall in Wales and for the Wildlife photographers, Robins.

All in one quality evening.

Well Done Martin.