The People’s Choice – results from SLPS Annual Exhibition 2018

Article by Tim Evans



This year there were the usual large number of people who took the time trouble and mental energy to sign the Visitors Book and of course vote for one picture as displayed.  It was a somewhat easier process for me this year as all pictures were numbered.

The results are in and three things stood out.

In reverse order;

There were two with 12 votes so 5th =

Sarah Bevan for both Field Mouse and Geoffrey 12

4th Christine Lowe –  Last Dip of the Day 15

3rd Simon Rahilly –  Living on the Edge 16

2nd Sarah Bevan –  Wise Old Dog 17

1st Paul Hamilton –  Hands of Time 24

That was a lot of votes for Paul and it is lucky he likes reading as he gets the Book Token.

As last year, what was telling was the number of club members who got at least one vote for one of their pictures; in fact all 25 enterers got at least 2 votes!  I even counted up and can tell you that the top 6 members with the most votes for all their entries was as follows.

Sarah Bevan (55),  Christine (49), Paul Hamilton (44),  Simon Rahilly (39), Derek Gould (30), and Charlie Cook, Captain of our Youth Section,  (32)

Finally with the exception of Derek Gould’s 2 P&I entries, all winners as printed in red in the catalogue received conspicuously low votes!

What do we know Eh?!

Tim Evans 20.08.18


“The Hands of Time” by Paul Hamilton

“The Hands of Time” by Paul Hamilton